A Little About Me

If you were hiring me in 1998 when I first started out, I’d give you fair warning you are working with a novice.

20+ years later, I am a jack of many trades. I have hands-on working experience in both website development and digital engagement tactics including SEO, PPC, Social Media and Email Marketing.

I’ve owned (and sold) successful eCommerce businesses. I have worked at brick and mortar shops, marketing agencies and as a freelancer for many years.  Now I am the Director of Digital Marketing for an agency based just outside of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

I’m located in beautiful South Florida where I also moonlight on the side, however fair warning, I do pick and choose who I work with. Why you ask? We need to like to each other and you have to trust in my ability to the job you hired me to do. If not, its not going to work.

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