Local SEO in Florida

Local SEO Services For Palm Beach County Businesses & eCommerce Websites

I’m local to Palm Beach County, growing up here almost all of my life, so I am familiar with the surrounding area and most parts of the state. With my vast knowledge of SEO along with the local cities and towns, I am able to optimize business and eCommerce websites for better search engine ranking position for local business searches.

Local SEO in Lake Worth

This small town in Palm Beach County is my hometown. This is where I grew up, went to school, moved away to Coconut Creek for 10 years, from there to Wellington for 3 years and we’re back in Lake Worth again.

I attended Lantana Elementary, Lantana Middle followed by Christa McAuliffe Middle School and then Santuluces High School.

If your business is located in the city of Lake Worth and you need SEO services, I can be dangerous against your competition. I know this area well and what kind of businesses are located here. It would be easy for me to do competitor research, followed by keyword research and then use that information to dominate local search results in Lake Worth.

An example of a keyword that could use some competition – taco tuesday in lake worth (if you found my website through a search for tacos, please PM me through Facebook, it would make my day).

Local SEO in West Palm Beach

Serving website pages to people searching for businesses or information in West Palm Beach, FL, takes extensive knowledge of the area. It’s the marketed city for this area although as the locals know, it’s not just West Palm Beach.

This metro city area in Palm Beach County has several smaller towns and locations which are considered to be in the regional area but not located in the actual city. Places like Delray Beach, Jupiter, Palm Beach Gardens, Wellington, Royal Palm Beach and Boynton Beach are considered urbanized towns and cities that can fall under any search terms or keyword phrases related to West Palm Beach due to their general location. Only a local would know this information

Local SEO in Wellington

The western suburb area well-known by locals for the Equestrian events hosted including horse shows and polo matches, the mall located on Forest Hill and the family-friendly amphitheater.

Having lived in Wellington for a total of 5 years at various times, I watched it go from the small community it once was when 441 was a single lane in both directions with cows grazing the fields where all of the new western communities and businesses are.

I know the cross-streets and how to get around Wellington which helps me optimize websites for local search terms. Rest assured, I do not recommend using keywords such as “best seo company in Wellington” as a target keyword. Every business in the entire world believes they are the best. I’ll instead find keywords that are relevant to the services or products you offer to ensure the best ROI from SEO.