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Learn What SEO Is & How To Do It Yourself

I’ve put together a 6-week SEO training course to teach local business owners what search engine optimization is and how to do it.

If any of the following applies to you, then its a really good idea you attend the SEO meetup.

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Here’s 3 really good reasons why you should attend:

You keep hearing about SEO, have no idea what it is and want to learn about it.

You know what SEO is, want to do it yourself on your own website but you have no idea where to start nor what to do.

You pay a company a pretty penny to do SEO on your website however you really do not have a deep understanding of what it is, how it works and whether your website is really optimized.

This SEO meetup will…

Give you a complete understanding of what SEO is and basic tactics used to improve organic search ranking of web pages.

What tools to use to evaluate your website’s performance and to diagnose issues.

The do’s and don’ts of SEO tactics.

How to properly optimize your website for organic search by making on-page edits and resolving common technical issues.

Intro to SEO and On-Page Ranking Factors

This 6-week search engine optimization meetup is intended to teach you the following:

What is SEO
How to do SEO
And lastly…
Why SEO is an important digital marketing tactic

Organic Search Optimization Lesson Schedule

The SEO course I have set up is broken down into weekly lessons:

Week 1: Introduction to SEO
Week 2: How to do a Website SEO Audit
Week 3: How to do Keyword Research
Week 4: On-Page Content Optimization & Website Tracking Tools
Week 5: Writing META Titles and Descriptions (Group Sessions)
Week 6: SEO Review & Organic Website Traffic Data

SEO 101 Meetup 2019 Dates – Lake Worth

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