2019 SEO Services Pricing

How Much Does SEO Cost?

There are no smoke and mirrors here. I’m upfront and honest when it comes to what I charge for professional SEO services.

No need for me to be coy or mysterious about my rates and the cost to do SEO on your website. I offer both flat-rate and hourly. I prefer to give clients a choice based on their personal preference.

I also do not require contracts to lock you in. You work with me as long as you like or only hire me on an as-needed basis.

A La Carte SEO Services (Cost Per Page Pricing)

This is the most affordable and cost-effective way to have websites with a low page count optimized. I hate using the word cheap, but this would be the cheapest way for a small business website owner to have their website optimized.

What’s great about paying for SEO by the page, you can do a one and done optimization of your website to knock out all pages at once or if you want to break-up your SEO budget over the course of a few months, that’s OK also. Just tell me how many pages you want optimized each week or month.

If you have less than 50 pages on your website, I recommend you pay for SEO services by the page.

Here’s a Breakdown of Per Page SEO Pricing

» 3 pages optimized for organic search will cost you $75
» 10 pages optimized for organic search will cost you $250
» 25 pages optimized for organic search will cost you $625
» 50 pages optimized for organic search will cost you $1250
» More than 50? I offer discounts. Ask me about pricing.

Payment Terms For Flat-Rate SEO Services

Flat-Rate Payment Terms:
A 50% deposit is due upfront before work can commence, with the next 25% due at time of review/approval of work and the remaining balance of 25% when the project is completed.

Hourly Rate for SEO & Other Digital Marketing Services

If you have a one-time project and you would like to be billed for the actual time spent working on the task, my rate is $120 per hour, with a half-hour $80 minimum.

Work completed is billed to the minute. If I spend an hour and fourteen minutes working for you, that is exactly what you will be billed for.

Invoices are sent out on the 10th and the 25th of every month, with payment due within 5 business days.

Monthly SEO Packages – SEO Retainer Pricing

If you are seeking ongoing monthly SEO and will use my services on a regular basis, I do offer digital marketing services at a discounted rate. If interested, please contact me for pricing on monthly digital marketing and SEO packages.

National SEO Services Pricing

Rankpay did a survey of 600 SEO companies to determine the national average cost to optimize a website. The study includes hourly and monthly rate information.

To read the report, you’ll need to go here https://www.rankpay.com/seo-cost/

Important Note About Late Payments for Services Rendered:

If payment is late more than 2 times in a 6-month period, I will be left with no choice other than to put your account on automatic payment by electronic funds transfer (EFT) that will draw from your account on the due dates set.

If after missing payments, you choose you do not want to be auto-debited, we will unfortunately need to end our working relationship.